Axios Program

The AXIOS Program is a preventive program consisting of Workshops and personalized Socio-emotional Accompaniment, as well as coordinating AXIOS Ambassadors; it is taught in public middle schools thanks to the work agreement that was achieved with Jalisco’s Secretary of Education in 2004. It is carried out by a Social and Human Sciences professional named: AXIOS Facilitator.


Make it easier for adolescents to develop life skills that allow them to relate better in their environment, facilitate conflict resolution and discover their abilities.

The Socio-Emotional Accompaniment

Is a space where an AXIOS Facilitator develops one-on-one sessions with the adolescent, and implements diverse strategies that facilitate reflexive processes to use their own resources and tools to face different situations.


It is an adolescent who promotes the skills and values of AXIOS, making them their own and taking them to others. His or her work encourages collaborative tasks among peer groups when creating and developing proposals that help in the improvement of their immediate surroundings, through the development of campaigns and activations.